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Tatum Bailey -  Teen model

Tatum Bailey

Photos: 60
Video: 24 mins
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Stacked

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Dirty Little Secret
Featuring: Tatum Bailey
Despite all the perks that Tatum gets by house-sitting her aunt's pad, it can get boring being all alone in someone else's place like that. And when Tatum gets bored, she gets horny. But it's not hard for this sweet blonde to find someone to alleviate her boredom by giving her a cock to play with. Now instead of staring at the ceiling she's staring down the shaft of a prick as it enters her mouth. "The great thing about fucking in somebody else's house is that I can be as loud as I want," Tatum reveals. "I like to be so loud that the neighbors hear and wonder what the hell is going on." In this scene, there's not much wondering to do as she screams that she wants her pussy fucked. Read more »
Dirty Little Secret