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Jayden Pierson -  Teen model

Jayden Pierson

Photos: 75
Video: 28 mins
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Body Type: Slim

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Truant Tramp
Featuring: Jayden Pierson
Things that Jayden thinks are lame: school, schoolwork, studying and her friend who won't pick her up when she's skipping. Things that Jayden doesn't think are lame: being naked, blow jobs, cock and fucking. Unable to take the utter suckiness of school, Jayden ditches class and needs to find a ride fast before she gets caught. Dressed the way she is, that's not much of a problem. Some dude picks her up and it's not long till this blonde hottie is doing all the fun things on her 'Not Lame' list. She takes out her little tits and lathers up this guy's dick with her wet mouth. Read more »
Truant Tramp