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Mandy Hudson
Mandy Sky
Mandy Sky
Mandy Spice
Mandy Spice
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Mandy Hudson
Rating: 8.26

"My favorite thing to do when my parents go out is bring guys into my room to fuck. Especially the gardener or the pool boy. Something about men who work with their hands turns me on. Maybe it's because they're big and strong, or 'cause they get all dirty and sweaty...but it's so manly, and I love it. The gardener in particular fucks me really good. Not only does he have a huge cock, but he really knows how to use it, too."

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Rating: 9.16
Mandy Hudson
"I love to play with my pussy when I'm home alone, but this is my first time doing in front of a camera. I hope all the guys who watch it like how I look naked. I have to admit that it turns me on knowing that guys will be touching themselves while they watch me touch myself. I also want them to know that I'm as tight as I look....
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"I did this for the dollars!"
Mandy Hudson
Rating: 9.66
My jobs boring,
but at least I get
paid, said Mandy.
Im not going to
college, so I guess I
have a long, working
life ahead of me
unless I marry a rich
guy or win the lottery.
Im not into
movies and I cant
go into bars and
even some clubs, so
that just leaves partying
with friends or
having sex for
entertainment. I was
dating a guy before
he went away to
college. We hooked
up when he was
home and had some
great sex, and he
took these photos.
He suggested sending
them to NN to

Mandy Hudson

Mandy Hudson

Body Type: Petite